Raptor Rescue.

 I had an eventful drive home after my final nightshift. As I drove through a village along the route I noticed something laying on the path next to the road. As I approached I could see it was a Buzzard and that it was alive, I immediately turned into the next road and turned around, there was no way I could leave this without helping. I parked up nearby and walked along the path to where it lay on it's front. It was awake and looking around but did not react as I carefully picked it up and returned to my car. I had noticed a couple of roadkill (rabbit) close by and could only presume this young Buzzard had been trying to feed on them when hit by a vehicle as it tried to get out of the way. I know for a fact a lot of idiot brainless morons repeatedly speed along this A10 route and ignore the speed limits, I encounter them on every journey going to work.
 Once at the car I laid the Buzzard carefully on the grass whilst I made a makeshift bed out of a coat, I then placed the Buzzard into the bed and he almost immediately went to sleep. When home Sarah made up a box for the bird to be placed inside to keep it warm and less aware of its surroundings. It continued to sleep and quietly snore away. Sarah arranged for a local Raptor Rescue organisation to collect it, and hopefully it will pull through and have a long life.

Back at home the 2nd brood of Blackbirds had fledged and this one was risking himself by looking around from the top of the honeysuckle bush the nest was in, there are plenty of Rooks around that would easily take this little un', thankfully it didn't stay there long and dived back into cover.