Siberian Stonechat. Caister Norfolk. Sunday 25th October 2015.

After my holiday to Italy there was just one day before Sarah and I travelled to Norfolk with daughter Abby and her French Bulldog Tucker. The week before, whilst in Italy, had seen a lot of good birds in Norfolk but typically the wind direction had changed and they had all departed. I set my sights on the Siberian Stonechat at Caister until I realised that the pager message was an older message and the not the day previous!! Damn!!
 And so I cancelled my early start on the first morning of our stay at Trimmingham, but low and behold once I awoke and read my pager set next to the bed, the very first message guessed it...Siberian Stonechat Caister still!
It didn't take me long to get ready and I was on my way, the traffic was quiet being a Sunday morning and I was there in under an hour. I set off along the dunes and joined the already waiting birders and photographers, whereby the Sibe' was already on view perched on the wire fenceline.
 The paleness of the bird really stood out.

The clean white rump was easy to see.

 Here you can see the black underwing coverts.
A lovely bird and a new one for me, I stayed for a few hours then had to get back for lunchtime, by then it was favouring an area just further in on the golf course so I was happy with the views I had been given.
*Result as it was not seen the next day!*