A quiet couple of months.

It's been a quiet couple of months, birdwise that is. I have been kept busy sorting out hassles at home after a young idiot crashed into our front garden due to speeding!! With the wall repaired now and spring just around the corner I can once again get back into a routine. My Artwork has been keeping me confined to the studio a lot but with plenty of new pieces sold after completing I am not complaining.

Although I have been adding a few additions to the Trimingham year list, it has been very quiet around, Barn Owl was a lovely tick close to our house, and a Woodcock seen flying around at dusk from the back garden was great to watch on a couple of evenings. The feeders have been emptied very quickly, but no unusual visitors.

This caterpillar must of been disturbed enough to make it move, that or the sunny day had it thinking it was time to emerge, believed to be a Oak Eggar moth.
Then over the last few days the cold easterly weather has hit us square on, and despite looking has turned up nothing new. Normally Trimingham misses the snow and bad weather that everyone else seems to get but not this time, the worse in many years is what the people in the village have been telling me, but it does look magical when walking around.