A slow month for mothing. April 2020.

Mothing in April was quiet to say the least, with a target of 188 macro moths to beat from last year April was a slow start. The weather was windy at times and cold at nights, some nights I did not attract any moths and others just the 1 !! But the list is moving forward and currently stands at just 22 macros.
 Early Thorn
Small Quaker
 Twin-spotted Quaker
  Clouded Drab
 Common Quaker
 Shoulder Stripe
 Shoulder Stripe
Check out the head markings of this Shoulder Stripe, skull design or what!
 Muslin Moth
 Lunar Marbled Brown
 Powdered Quaker
 Pine Beauty
 Red Chestnut
 Frosted Green
 March Moth
 Swallow Prominent
 Chocolate Tip
 Pebble Prominent
Ruby Tiger