Dungeness. Kent.2008.

*** MEGA ***
**Dark Eyed Junco**

*** MEGA *** MEGA *** MEGA ***

Dark Eyed Junco

An early morning start to get round the 25' in the hope the dark eyed junco was still present at Dungeness. After a bloody cold wait, fairly short as it goes, it was located and good views albeit restricted and in a shaded area were had. A new species was in the bag, i waited a few hours to get a decent shot and called it a day after about five hours. It could hold up in the shrub/bushes for some time but would return to the pile of seed put out. At one time it was heard calling whilst perched up in a conifer, an almost clicking note which stood out from the dunnock and chaffinch calling nearby. A cracking little bird and well worth getting up early for.

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