Hertfordshire. April 2009.

I started to venture down to the nearby dumps' to see if there were any wheatear and yellow wagtails around. And not to be disappointed I saw at least 3 yellow wags' and a pair of wheatear. Due to the time of day there was still considerable heat haze coming from the dump, so it was a waiting game until one of the wheatear ventured close by to get a shot. Lovely to see these birds return but I doubt I'll have one as approachable as Nigel, Andy and I were to experience back in 2007.

As I was leaving the dump i saw a single yellow wag' atop a hay bale, and so I slowly reversed to where it was now feeding on the ground picking off the yellow dung flies. The yellow on some of these birds are so vibrant, I never tire of photographing them, and I'm sure by the end of this summer I'll have plenty more.