Old Whinchester Hill NNR.Hampshire.

Monday 13th April 2009. My dad and i travelled down to Hants' to connect with the White Throated Sparrow. On arrival the bird had gone to ground just before we arrived and so the wait started. Around three hours later we were attracted to a call behind where everyone was watching, and at that moment it alighted a bush and promptly flew into the scrub at the back of the car park. it was then to give reasonable views by peering through the gaps as it fed on the ground, photos were not obtained due to the undergrowth but we got good views at times. The bird then flew up and out back to the same bit of scrub it originated from. Being present since november last year,its a shame that the warden did not want people to turn out for this cracker of a bird, still thats his loss, he could of accrued some donations over all that time.