Titchwell, Norfolk, September 2009.

I needed to get down to Norfolk to get some new wader images and so I set off to Titchwell and worked my way towards Thornham point. Below is a selection of some of the images obtained. Most of the time the beach was left to me and the birds, alot of the time was spent carefully stalking the waders as they fed and grouped together. After plenty of time and pigeon steps I was able to get reasonably close and to the point where they were happy to rest up with me close by taking pictures, new birds would fly in and join the group with no concern of me at all. What a great feeling that is when, after all that time moving in carefully that, they accept my presence alongside them, awesome.
An additional bonus was a few Snow buntings that were feeding along the ridge edge. they too were accepting in my presence and were happy to feed alongside me, these lovely little buntings are a favourite of mine, so petite and a reminder winters around the corner.