Bird Ringing. Beeston. March 2010.

The weather was bright and sunny at times but the wind had picked up moving the nets and this was probably the reason why we had a quiet day. There was a good turnout of people though with always something new to learn.

Star bird had to go to the single Yellowhammer that was netted. It is a bird not frequently caught at Beeston so it was a welcoming sight, and a lovely bird to see up close in the hand.

The Dunnock may look dull and drab whilst moving around in the undergrowth but I think look very smart when in the hand, especially the deep red eye.

Who can deny what a little burst of sunshine the Goldfinch is. The red on the head seems to shine like its just been painted on, and the name giving golden yellow on the wing is so vivid.
For sure a favourite with everyone.

The Greenfinches too have a lovely array of colouring. The yellows, like on the Goldfinches, can be very bright on some individuals and the greens can be very rich and vibrant indeed. In the hand its quite a chunky, powerful looking bird but always appears shy as if it knows the camera is on it.

"Go on look this way, show us how good you really"

And to finish off, this Robin once weighed seemed most content to just sit it out all snuggled up inside the pot.