Berry Fen.Cambridgeshire.June 18th 2010

Due to last minute change owing to the dull, cloudy and drizzly weather I set off early for the Blue winged teal at Berry fen in Cambridgeshire. I had not been to this site before but it seemed a good place for birds and insects too. Despite a lot of searching I could not locate the Blue winged teal, I did spot 2 Garganey amongst the Teal and Shoveler.

It wasn't until upon retracing my footsteps for the third time that I noticed another birder scoping, and so on asking I was to be shown the Blue winged teal skulking amongst the vegetation. It was quite elusive whilst feeding in the grasses but when it did show there was no way of missing it. Its identity unknown but still a welcoming sight for me none the less.

Not being able to get to the female at Fen Drayton I was glad to connect with the male.

The Reed warblers seemed to be in good numbers at this site and busily taking food back to young no doubt, they were more than happy to climb up the reeds and pose for me too. Definitely more obliging and out in the open compared to my last jaunt to Fen Drayton for 'reedies'.

On the way back to the car the temperature had risen enough to awaken the chasers and darters, with this Four spotted Chaser, below, being the only one still enough to photograph. On a good day with the weather right I'm sure this would be a great place four dragonflies, so I may have to return.