Hertfordshire June 2010.

After spending 4 hours waiting for some bathing images and nothing to show I decided to at least save the day by trying for some wagtail shots on a manure heap.

The Yellow wags' were actively feeding alongside the Pied wags', most of them carrying the food away to young nearby. The Dung flies and Drone flies were a tasty morsel no doubt, judging by the size of some a hearty meal for sure. The birds would walk around the heap and at breakneck speed launch an assault when the flies gave themselves up. And there was definitely not a shortage of them.

There were quite a few young Pied wags' accompanying the adults and learning the trade as it were, the young Yellow wag' below was so good at blending in with its surroundings due to its 'grubby plumage'.

And the male Yellow wags' still look stunningly bright.

A solitary Turtle dove made a brief appearance and was a most welcoming sight.
Lapwings were evident around the crop fields, especially when a corvid decided to enter their airspace, it didn't stay in it for too long though !.

And a great moment was when two tiny young Lapwing chicks appeared from nowhere to scamper around the heap feeding on insects. Never too far from the parents watchful gaze and amazingly camouflaged, if I took my eye off one for a couple of seconds then I would strain my eyes on the slightest movement to relocate them, it must of been like a vast lunar landscape to them ( only made up of manure!).
The day turned out okay in the end.