More Feeder Action. October 2010.

Here are a few images from another visit to my feeding station at a local farm. I wanted to try something different and so I used a few reed mace stems to use as perches. Whether it was because it was something new or out of the ordinary, the birds seemed to be apprehensive for quite some time before starting to use the mace. It was a brief visit too, so I had to be quick, and sods law said that the one reed mace I was focused on would not be the one they all landed on !, until I had moved to that one and then they changed back.... surely its not just me?

The Marsh Tit was still hanging around and even made an appearance on one of the mace, I also came close to capturing one of the Great spotted woodpeckers on the mace too but it was too flighty, I shall be looking at getting a nice upright branch to lure them in soon. But the best candidate of the day was this Sparrowhawk, which alighted one of the mace for a few seconds. The alarm call went up and everything disappeared before this beauty flew in. I was amazed it landed where it did. It continued to hound the birds and stayed perched nearby for some time, a nice post will have to be put up in the hope it returns.