Sandy. Mon 18th October. 2010

Sarah and I took a stroll around the reserve at Sandy, and although there was still a lot of fungi around I did not find what I was looking for. On a wooden fence we found a large number of Ladybirds all nestled together in the gap between the panel and post. On further inspection most of the posts had a large gathering of Ladybirds tucked away. Why this was I'm not sure, the sun was out, no real adverse weather conditions, maybe looking for a wintering hole is the most likely although not as tucked away as I would like. Perhaps they know of worsening and colder weather on the way!

We noticed a few very large Hornets flying around and tracked them to a hole in a big old tree. I made my way carefully closer until I was a few feet from the hole. If you stay calm and quiet they do not pose a threat and within minutes I was watching them coming and going, some were as long as my thumb, looking huge up close. They were busily arranging their winter hideout no doubt, I only had a macro lens with me so I was limited to close ups, you would get a few seemingly waiting at the hole edge watching out before flying off only once another had returned and a new front line appeared from within. Amazing to watch at such close quarters.