"Some Snow at Last".Feeding Station. December 2010.

After missing out on the previous snow falls, I now got the chance for some wintry images.
Everywhere was either covered in snow or had a real hard Hoar frost on it. And there was not a shortage of birds coming to feed either.

I tried to keep everything plain and show the birds colouring. The delicate pink flush came out more so on the long tailed tits against a white backdrop, and the blues and yellows on the great and blue tits looked so vivid.

And for once the skulking tree sparrow could not blend in so well, showing off those lovely browns.

Even the song thrushes ventured off the ground to feast on the berries, mind you these were truly frozen and some were dropped, either to try and soften on the ground or because they were too damn solid!.

The stunning greens and yellow of this male greenfinch really stood proud against the snow.

And the typical 'Xmas shot' of the robin, mind you it was still behaving more shy and elusively than most robins, so posing images were few and far between.

And the marsh tit was still around and feeding actively, even whilst topping up the feeders it was normally the closest waiting, that's if it wasn't at the feeders with the long tailed tit gang next to me whilst filling. Even the reed buntings had finally decided to take advantage of the food laid out and were showing.

After a few hours and painfully cold feet with the car reading -9.5 outside I had bagged a few hundred shots to peruse through and so time to battle it home to the warmth.