The mothing has begun.February 2011.

Over the winter spell I had seen a few moths, as in Pale Brindled Beauty,Winter moth etc, but I hadn't had the opportunity to photograph so this Dotted Border was the first of the year and hopefully a lot more to follow. I also noticed the first Smooth Newt of the year in my pond along with a Frog, presumably the one from last year. Things are definitely emerging so more images to come soon with a bit of luck. A local farm I am visiting for the first time is providing Yellowhammers and a couple of Reed Buntings alongside around 10 House Sparrows, didn't expect to find them around the area. A, hopefully, resident Little Owl which would be good to get images of and good numbers of Skylark which are now very vocal and active, with some luck the area will be productive for me.