February 27th 2011. Rainham.

After completing my last night shift I picked up my dad and headed off to Rainham. As my workplace was closer to there than going home it seemed right to give it a go. The 'Slaty' had been reported there a few times the day before so you never know we might get lucky. Due to the time I headed for Coldharbour lane and then started the search from there. There was a gathering of larger gulls distant on Wennington Marsh, but no joy there. There were plenty of gulls flying and loafing around in front of the Shooters Hide' but mostly all Black headed. A view of the tip produced no gulls whatsoever, they all seemed to be heading north. After nearly 6 hours I called it a day as a lot more birders did, just as the weather was turning and rain approaching. I was a bit peeved but not so much as some of the others trying to connect with this gull, for some it was anywhere between their 5 to 8 visit for the 'Slaty'.