March 2011.

Over the last week the temperatures dropped at night, down to -6 here on occasion, but the days have been improving, which is the norm' as I had gone back to work. I decided to have a go taking an image of the moon what with it being a unique viewing time. The closest in 18 years, called a Super moon or 'Perigee' in Greek terminology.

There were small numbers coming to seed down at the farm, mostly Reed Buntings and Chaffinches, but I did notice a Brambling mixed in with them. The Hares had been showing a couple more times, I should be going to view a good place for them midweek so hope to get some images, the crops are just at the right height for them to hunker down and disappear in.

Due to the cold evenings I had not seen many moths whilst at work, but was happy to find this Early Grey sat up near a light. During the days I had seen a couple of butterflies, namely Comma and Brimstone, but the newts had not been showing at home in the pond.