April's underway.

Just an update and no images unfortunately. The wildlife is well and truly picking up now, Ive seen a few Swallows recently but no Sand Martins, considering theyve been around for a couple of weeks already. Buzzards are in such good numbers I see them everywhere, over the next few days I hope to get some new stuff, including maybe some Lizards. Sarah took a couple of shots on her mobile whilst at work the other day so I may get lucky, also a lot of reports of Grass snake are coming from her workplace (Sandy RSPB) too. I have Robins in the garden now feeding at least 1 chick and the moth trap will definately stay out all night soon too, I saw a Brindled Beauty at work the other night so there should be something nice to photograph Im sure when the traps put out. Whilst driving around checking areas yesterday(Friday 8th)I saw my first Yellow Wagtail of the year(another bird elsewhere too) and a male Wheatear close to home was a welcoming sight.