It's that time of year again.

If upon leaving my house you were to smell 'Dung heaps' then that can only mean I'm back down the dumps again. Its amazing how long the smell lingers for when I have driven through slurry draining off the heaps. But its something Ive gotten used to. And the rewards of returning Wheatears are too tempting to resist. And they put on a show for sure, sometimes they were too close to focus so I just watched as they dived on insects. I really love visiting these places, its been some years now and it still drags me back for just a few more hundred images. Unfortunately the Yellow wagtails were too busy chasing one another but to be honest once my eye was on the Wheatears I might of missed the wags'. There were a few Hares running around the crop fields but I was not able to stop and try for a image. Hopefully I will have a lot more terrific encounters in the next few months to come. And it was nice to meet up with good friend Nigel Blake whom I hadn't seen for some time, and as in previous years I knew I would probably be seeing more of him than my wife on some days now these dumps had come to life... sorry Sarah.