New Moths Despite The Weather.

Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
The end of July granted me a decent night to put the light out, it turned out quite a varied list too with 35 different species dropping in.
Clay Moths
Cloaked Minor (above & below)
These 2 images of the Cloaked Minor show the variety in their id.

Dwarf Cream Wave & Small Fan Footed Wave
Going into August and the weather warmed up, and a stint in the garden till 2am had 24 species drop in. And as in the last session, it was notable how well the White Satin Moth was doing this year alongside the equally numerous Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing.
Marbled Beauty
Tawny Speckled Pug
I had 2 Tawny Speckled Pugs on the August night a first for the garden and myself. Then to follow were two more new additions, with the Double Striped Pug and Barred Rivulet pictured below. The pugs are harder to find than the other moths as they tend to land on the walls and windows away from the light where the main action is. 
Double Striped Pug
Barred Rivulet