Windy Walk at Bev's. August 2012.

 Common Carpet Moth
My Dad joined me for a walk around Bev's, it was a walk looking mainly for Grasshoppers and Crickets in the hope of something new. The wind however was strong and playing havoc with spotting stuff. Insects were either sheltering lower down in the vegetation or once found would take flight and get carried off in the wind. I noticed 2 Common Carpet moths sheltering in the grasses and nearby an even larger Wasp Spider than the previous one located before. This time though I was able to get a shot of the stunningly marked upper body. The web mind you was small and there was no sign of the distinctive zig zag web structure.
 Wasp Spider

Noon Fly
 Mesembrina Meridiana
This fly above was spotted by my Dad resting on the sheltered side of a post, it is related to house and sweat flies.
 Dark Bush Cricket
We found a couple of Dark Bush Crickets, a lot quieter than the Roesel's and a lot more skulking.
 Long Winged Conehead
After finding one of these last time, this time round we found quite a few, and I grabbed a couple of better shots.
 Long Winged Conehead
 Short Winged Conehead
I was truly made up when I noticed this moving on thistle seeds amongst a large patch of nettles. Great to now have photographed both of the Coneheads at the same site, mind you it wasn't easy photographing it as the swaying plants made it tricky to focus. You can see just how short the wings are and the up curve of the ovipositor as opposed to the Long winged' dagger like ovipositor.
 Field Grasshopper
Unknown Cocoon
We found 2 of these cocoons, my Dad and I did not know what this was made by, although a small spider was seen in the second one found, but as of writing I am still unable to find out the species that built this amazing structure. I shall update it once found out.