Watercolour Artwork. 2014.

 Here are some watercolour artwork I have been doing as of late, a couple may of been already posted before. The top one is a Deaths Head Hawkmoth and the lower image is of a Privet Hawkmoth.

 I then decided to try something different with the work, and I suppose the effect i was after was a vapour type trail as if the actual butterflies were made of watercolour leaving a washed away trail as they flew, maybe a Red Arrow display flight in watercolour.....but not planes, butterflies.....and !....well their different, and as my wife Sarah said "their like marmite! you either like them or you don't!" But she does so all okay with me.

This sea scape with Manx Shearwater was a move away from the usual stuff I attempt, but I'm happy with how it turned out, and it has already been collared by my step daughter Abby!
 This is my latest piece of art I have started, been many years since I painted a Kingfisher and I am quite pleased how it is progressing.