Blowing the cobwebs off the Moth Trap. September 2014.

Setaceous Hebrew Character
 For the first time in a long while I got the moth trap out. For various reasons I hadn't listed/trapped anything for ages and despite missing the spring and summer months, I thought I would see what would turn up and so made the effort. I turned the light off around at around a quarter to one in the morning, the evenings catch had already been placed in the fridge till the next day when I would photograph them. It wasn't spectacular numbers but I did get a handful of species and I enjoyed it so that's all that matters. With the continued good weather I shall be placing the trap out again and hope for some different moths, who knows what I'll get.
 Pale Mottled Willow
 Brimstone Moth
 Willow Beauty
 Chinese Character
 Lesser Yellow Underwing
 Square Spot Rustic
 Lesser Yellow Underwings
 Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
 Flame Shoulder
 Common Wainscot