Gone Fishing at Bev's. July 2012.

 With the weather nice, warm and sunny I just had to put in a few hours with the Kingfishers. I used my pop up hide so as to blend in better with the surroundings. It wasn't long before both birds started to perch up, every time with a fish, and so it continued for the next couple of hours, one alternating visit every quarter of an hour or so until the midday sun obviously made it more awkward for them to catch fish as they slowed down in their return rate, and the male bird was definitely under achieving compared to the female. Whilst waiting for their return a couple of Tufted duck young ventured away from their parents, they would of been in view of any predatory birds,namely the Lesser black backed gulls, and easy pickings for sure but the gulls were absent at the time, and as I left they were heading back to the adults. A successful few hours and despite it being like a sauna in the hide the results made up for the uncomfortable wait. I also managed to see Common Darters on the way back to the car plenty of butterflies on the wing for a change.