Last Mothing in June 2012.

.Green Pug.
With the weather so unpredictable and almost constant windy weather, I was glad to get the light out for one last night in June. At first it started quietly but as the evening drew on it really started to pick up, and before long they were falling so fast to the light I ran out of pots and had to use a pop up net container.
.Scorched Wing.
It was lovely to see some more hawkmoths and they fell in the form of a Elephant Hawkmoth and a Small Elephant Hawkmoth, what a beautiful pink moth these are, but the wings were a tad tatty hence no photos and one I had photographed before.
.Beautiful Hook-Tip.
In the end I had totalled 32 species on the night and in total in excess of 65 moths. As of writing the weather has been bad yet again going into the first week of July, the forecast is not looking good but hopefully the forecaster are wrong as usual and July will turn up some more quality moths.
.Small Dusty Wave.
.Common Pug & Green Pug.
.Middle Barred Minor.