Frozen Feet forgotten for a second! Bev's Jan 2013.

 Halfway through the month already!, the weather was very cold and a very sharp frost. The temperature was reading -3.5! and it bloody felt it too, no matter what I wear on my feet they are the first to freeze and after 20 minutes or so they were numb. 

 Still I plodded on and glad I did. Firstly I noticed a group of Teal on the ice, these hadn't been present on the last two visits so this was a welcome addition and I counted 21 ducks, which is the most I can remember seeing here.

 The gulls were gathering in larger numbers still, made up of just Black headed gulls and Common gulls. The Kestrel was again showing, no doubt finding it hard to get food in the cold snap, another species in search of food was a Fox, I was waiting for it to move around the lake edge but it spied a couple of fishermen on the common side and high tailed it away from me.

 I headed in the direction the Fox took in the hope of catching up with it again, but instead of locating it I noticed a lot of movement in the waterlogged field adjacent to the road. Lapwings, Greylags with Barnacle in tow and then I noticed something different.. a Golden Plover...get in there I thought, then I noticed two more close by making it 3 Golden's. THEN ! a small bird flew overhead calling and luckily it landed in a tree close by....a Lesser Redpoll....another site tick, wow, for a few seconds I forgot how much my feet were hurting. I then picked out a small group of Common Snipe feeding in the field before catching up with Bev, and off home to thaw out. The site list now stands at 45 species this year.