Oh Fudge !! .Priory CP. 30th Jan 2013.

After a couple of hours sleep I popped up to Priory Country Park for the Ferruginous Duck. Before I reached the park I noticed all the surrounding rivers and waterways had burst their banks, but didn't think it would affect where I was going! 
Rounding the lake I picked out the Black necked grebe,distantly. I met a couple of birders scoping for the "Fudge Duck", searching amongst the Pochard it was soon picked out and even though it stood out using my bins I was grateful for the offer to view through one of their scopes. Unfortunately They informed me that the path to the hide,and closer to the duck, was under water and over wellie height!, and with everyone retracing their footsteps I didn't fancy a dip, so I stayed for a while longer putting a few people onto the duck before heading home for a bit of a kip.