A wet and windy Monday. Norfolk October 2014.

Monday dawned and the forecast was wet and windy, this turned out to be true, and we did not venture out until it looked like the skies were breaking. Unfortunately the skies were not the same as when we left Cromer upon arriving at Salthouse. We had to sit it out in the car for some time before venturing out. And when we did, Sarah ventured straight to the seafront whilst I went to Gramborough Hill to check for birds. A Yellow Browed Warbler was reported there but I did not see it, this would turn out to be a bogey bird whilst in Norfolk. I connected with a couple of Chiffchaff's and a group of White fronted geese, but the weather was darkening and looking like more rain and sure enough it hit us before we made it back to the car and were soaked to the skin! That was the end of that day.