Surf Scoter brings the Holiday to an End! Oct 2014.

With a few days left of our holiday in Norfolk, Sarah and I were joined by my Mum and Dad. Good news was that a day or so before their arrival, I had heard a Yellow Browed Warbler outside where we were staying, and even better when I got views of it feeding in the trees, I didn't have the camera to hand but after so many attempts to just see a Yellow Browed I didn't care. And it also stayed for a couple of days enabling my Dad to connect and even my Mum to pick up on the call early one morning...nice one Mum.
Shopping trips, pubs and meals out ensued but on our last day out we took a walk out into Holkham Gap and connected with the adult Surf Scoter ( my Dad hadn't seen one before). A fitting end to a great holiday in Norfolk, a shame we had to leave.