Red Breasted Fly makes my weekend.

Saturday 6th October 2018.
around tea time Sarah and I took the dogs for the last walk of the day, we headed off down Church Road opposite our house leaving my parents warming themselves by the burner. Just a short distance from the church grounds I noticed a small bird fly from one side of the road to the other and perch up briefly before flying into the bushes, as soon as it had perched up I had an inkling! it was then I remembered I had left the bins at home!! but when it alighted to the bush and I noticed the white outer tail feathers I knew my inkling was now more so.....Red Breasted Flycatcher?. On our return walk we could not relocate it at all, by now the light was fading so I decided to check in the morning. The morning arrived and Sarah and I set off with the dogs not much after first light, this time I had remembered my bins, checking all the bushes for movement and any birds flying around we were unable to locate the bird! There was plenty of birds around and an influx of species had made landfall in Norfolk by the look of it, we carried on with our walk and once home I decided to head off and check the lane again but with my Dad this time. As we stopped to check movement in the first trees along the lane a pair of Blue Tits flitted up onto a branch infront of us, then low and behold immediately followed by the Red Breasted Flycather!!!!!.  It flew to a tree at the back of the church with the blue tits, my Dad got good views of it flitting around before it disappeared, there was work going on right next to the church and noise and machinery did not agree with it, a short while later and still no more sign , although watching a Stoat running around was nice to see, we headed home where I put the message out incase it was still nearby. My parents then departed home mid morning and Sarah and I settled down to jobs, I was in the studio finishing a drawing when all of a sudden I heard the continual calling of a Yellow Browed Warbler in a tree just behind our garden! It did not stay there for long though and headed towards the cliffs, I got my bins and camera ready and set off to try and find it again, after a spell and absolutely no sound or sight of it I headed back home only to be confronted by a large flock of Brambling frantically feeding in the trees outside the church...what a day.