February 2007.
These are Waxwings, and eight were hanging around in the small village of Orwell in Cambridgeshire, not far from my home. So myself and sarah headed off and sure enough we found them not long after arriving. As in the past with waxwings they gorge themselves on berries and are pretty much oblivious to you, just worrying how many they can throw down their throats. A lot of the shrubs and trees they feed on are quite close to the ground and so I like to use the car as a hide and photograph from the window. They tend not to take too much notice of vehicles that are stationary. Even when they were spooked they would still return to the same place so long as there were still berries.
They are stunning birds to look at and very vocal as well, I was able to get a few shots although the weather took a turn for the worse and camera speed was not great once the cloud took hold. I tried after them a day or so later but they were more mobile as the berries were being cleared up and being in an estate it was difficult to find what garden they were in.

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