SQUACCO HERON. Erith marshes, London. Saturday 2nd June 2007.
An early morning start was in order to twitch this bird. I'd never seen one before despite trying and so with sarahs daughter for company we arrived nice and early. With a few birders already there it wasnt long before the heron came into view, what a little stunner as well. The only problem was waiting to get a viewing hole when it became free, and they all seemed to be the wrong height too, what a weird viewpoint that was, it was more like one side of a pillbox with more view holes, Abby was ok due to being small she could take her pick of the lower ones. So after a short while peering over someones shoulder i got to the front and was able to grab some half decent pics. The vegetation infront of the hide was overgrown so some of the shots had some blurring, but the bird showed well, before moving out of view, and i left well happy. As we headed back to the car more birders were arriving but there was no sign of the quail that had been there.

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