Alternative Wings !..

With the weather taking a change for the worse i decided to stay local and try for some alternative winged creatures.
Alongside my garden i tried locating dragonflies at Sandy RSPB. During a good hour or more of sun early one morning i got some good views of common darter and four spotted chaser and emperor dragonfly.
In my garden for the second year i had some migrant hawker emerge from my small pond. Although dry overnight the day was wet and miserable and so the hawker had to sit it out until drier weather appeared.
There were plenty of damselflies about and having recently seen my first red eyed damselfly i seemed to be picking them out frequently now. At one pool a four spotted chaser was holding territory and seeing off other four spotteds with a vengance and for some time before returning, i didnt realise they were so territorial.

Once you get your eye in' you seem to pick out the larvae cases still attached to the reed and plant stems, what alien like forms they are too.