Grafham water and Mothing at home.July 2008.

I spent a few hours walking around grafham with the family, although there wasnt much to photograph. The terns were feeding further out on the water as was most species. A few great crested grebes were closer in mind you.
On the way to the lagoons we spotted a southern hawker dragonfly sunning itself, and upon walking around the lagoons a male ruddy duck was picked out. None of these for some time then 2 within the same month.
Southern Hawker
I finished up trying to check through the damselflies amongst the grasses but only seemed to find common blue's. The weather then turned decidedly dark and grey and so it was time to move on.
Common Blue Damselfly

Yellow Shell
During time off work i set up the moth light in the garden again and i was able to get a few new species not seen before. Just one hawkmoth,a privet, flew in or should i say dived in. They make a loud thud when landing and the noise announces their presence before you see them, how they dont damage or kill themselves on entry is a miracle.
Maidens Blush
Scarce Footman
Beautiful Hook-tip
Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing