Fen Drayton,Cambs.July 2008.

Due to the new bus route construction going through the spot where i wanted to try for some images of warblers, i had to be content with a nice walk round instead. Myself and sarah followed the river ouse and did a spot of dragonfly watching.
We saw a couple of spanking male ruddy darters, really bright red in colour. There were a few pairs of banded demoiselle present with quite a few males flying up and down the river.

On one patch of vegetation i found a large group of crickets sat up on the leaves, they turned out to be dark bush crickets with male and females present. The one pictured here is a female.

There were quite a few larger dragonflies about with brown hawker and emperors and black tailed skimmer, but the one i tried to get an image of more so was a male scarce chaser. Because of it flying up and down the same territory and vanishing at times, it was awkward to tell if it was just one or two present. You can see the dark scraping marks halfway along the abdomen caused during mating by the female clasping on.