A successful couple of nights in the garden. May 2012.

 Rustic Shoulder-knot
At the end of May I was able to get the light out a couple of times, and thankfully I was to get some decent counts for the garden. With just over 30 moths on each night I clocked up 25 species. After these nights the weather changed yet again and going into June the evenings took a drop in temperatures, or rain kept things from emerging. As of writing the light has not come out for June as of yet, and the forecast does nothing to inspire me to have a late one, mind you I will keep an eye on the skies, damned weather forecasters are not too reliable. 
 Rustic Shoulder-knot
 Common Pug
 Waved Umber
 Light Brocades
 The Shears
Mottled Pug