Snipe spectacle at Bev's. October 2012.

 Although these images were taken on the same trip to Bev's as in the last post, I thought these warranted a entry of there own. I had seen Snipe here before but not in the numbers I  was about to witness. I noticed a few get up and fly off and spotted a few in the lakeside vegetation, but I did not expect the amount that then got up.

 In this shot there are 25 Common Snipe, and that was part of the group that took to the air, I couldn't fit the whole flock in the frame!
There were over 50+ snipe estimated, I have never seen that many at a time before.

 They continued to fly around the main lake, back and forth searching for a place to tuck up and hide away. They would occasionally take to the air before returning to the same spot. I could not pick out any Jack snipe though, whether this huge group will move on or stay I cant say, but I hope they find their surroundings comfortable and linger on.