Titchwell, Norfolk September 2012.

 I cant remember the last time Sarah and I visited Norfolk together, so we decided to spend a few hours at Titchwell. The tide was close in so we had to walk adjacent to thousands of washed up Razor shells.
 There was row after row of these shells, all lined up facing the same direction as if laid by hand, amazing sight to view.

 The constantly moving Sanderlings were busily feeding amongst the beds of shells, their plumage changing to the icy winter colours already. 

 There were a few Ruff close by on the reserve, such an elegant looking wader.
 I finished up getting close to a flock of Turnstones on the beach, a couple of birds still had summer colouring, and these seemed to be the leaders of the bunch, squabbling and moving others aside. They were content with my presence there and after careful stalking for half an hour I was in a lovely position for some images. Then the inevitable happened, as always at Titchwell, a lone elderly woman chose to ignore what I was doing with no concern whatsoever and walked straight up to Turnstones circling behind the whole flock until they had flown, and then she walked away, oblivious to my glare and loud clapping of applause at her for her thoughtfulness. Some people eh!!!