Mothing at Home. May 2013.

 I thought it was about time that I got the moth light out, the weather had improved a lot lately and the temperatures had risen so I expected to trap a few. A few was not far off, I stayed out till the early hours and  was a tad disappointed to get just 10 moths. The best species for me was stunning V Pug with its vibrant green colouring, and I think maybe a new one for the garden, I still haven't got round to compiling a list of moths seen!

 I like the prominent moths too, and I was glad to get a pair of Pebble Prominent.

 I think the patterning on the Waved Umber is very striking, a lovely moth.
 A coincidence that the moths caught were nearly all in pairs and of the same colouring, here I was able to pair together a Waved Umber and a Pebble Prominent, mind you it wasn't an easy task posing them and took a lot of time and patience! 
Still it was nice to get back to the moths, I just hope the weather improves, as of writing, to trap some more. The wind has increased and more rain is on the way...wonderful!!(Not)