Not just rubbish after all! Thur 15th March 2012

What a lovely day it turned out to be once the fog had cleared. I set off to Bev's lakes and wanted to set up a couple of things and do a rubbish sweep around the lake. I had a scan around the place with the bins, couldn't carry anything else, and sods law I missed a couple of new species to get a shot of. Looking around the larger lake I noticed the Redshank were back, and not one but two pairs, I noticed something sat on the scrape and moved round to get a better look, I was then able to list Golden plover with a solitary bird among the few Lapwings there. The Ringed plovers were present and the Oystercatchers were still there and one was actually on the nesting platform that was installed over the last weekend, great to see its doing its job. Also in one of the smaller nest boxes was a Black headed gull looking comfortable, promising sights for sure. Further over towards the fishing lakes I could hear a Chiffchaff which was a lovely sound sound to hear announcing the change in seasons. A flash of blue gave itself up as a Kingfisher put its name on the site list and a welcome one at that. Then to top it off, along the grass meadow adjacent to the river flew a Red kite, very low quartering the field and then over the common before slowly moving north with a crow in tow!