Things Just Didnt "ADD" Up!

A few days back my Dad and I set off to look for some Adders, what with the warm weather they would be sunning themselves and hopefully give me my first photograph of one. I had seen them before at Walsey Hills NOA in Norfolk, and so I was keen to connect. On arrival I passed a couple walking their dog and they informed me that they had indeed seen one and the gentleman had been able to get a shot. Things looked rosy. Then we met Diana who was surveying the Adders, we had a good chat about the snakes before viewing her great photos....taken that morning!

I was excited now and looking forward to connect, but alas my luck shone as normal and after a couple of hours we drew a blank, frustrated and most disappointed we set off home and decided to stop at The Lodge RSPB to try for a glimpse at the Ravens there......yeah you guessed it they didn't show either.