"Red legs and RSPB". February 2012.

The day started off grey and dull, but I still decided to put in an appearance at "Mr Bank's". First up to be seen were a pair of Redshank which was great to see, and they seemed very comfortable with the surroundings and very vocal. Alongside those were, not one like last time but, a pair of Oystercatchers. The 'Oycs' seemed very settled so fingers crossed they may stay and breed.

After a short time I decided to pop into the hide at the Lodge, in the hope of a Crossbill or Redpoll at the pool. But alas it was very quiet and after a brief rear view of a female Crossbill and a Lesser Redpoll I moved off home. I grabbed a few shots whilst there but will have to wait for the weather to change again before returning.

Plenty of Blackbirds around at the moment.

The Siskin is always a sight to see.

"I think the Squirrel was supposed to be on the outside!!!"