Plenty of 'fishing' on Bev's Birdland. March 2012.

As March draws to an end I was pleased with the efforts of the local fishing community down at Bev's. Tucked up in the hide the Grey Heron was unaware of my presence, and I was happy to be able to get some shots before it was so close I couldnt fit it in my view and then it sensed my hide was not just a bush!

Normally they take flight as soon as they see you within a hundred yards away or more, so this was a nice change.

Another flighty and stay away bird here is the Green Sandpiper, they take flight before Ive even seen its there. So when this bird landed within a decent range of my lens I fired off a few shots and even though cropped in, its a lot closer than the previous efforts.

And then the 'fishing' got really good. I had seen some passing of blue, as it were, recently but came across the female perched up and most confiding. The male had shown on previous days but this time I was hunkered up in a hedge and was able to get some nice shots as they flitted about.

I never tire of watching these birds, absolutely stunning and colours that words cannot do justice for.

This is the male bird, told by the all black beak as opposed the orange based females. On a couple of occasions he brought back a fish to entice his loved one which she dutily scoffed down.

They would both perch up close to the waters surface and also on the shoreline, and even though so brightly marked it wasnt until they took flight that you realised it was there in the first place. And with finding another Little Ringed Plover had joined the first and all other waders still in attendance I headed home feeling like a 'King'.