Beeston and Mothing (or lack of it). May 2012.

 My Dad and I visited the Beeston Bird ringing session over the weekend and although it was not raining for a change, the bird numbers were very low, with the best species being a male Blackcap whilst there, it failed to produce anything near what was to be expected. But still that's the way it goes, and we were kept busy watching Holly Blues and Orange-tips. John Day had trapped a few species of Moths but that said the weather was not proving good for mothing, I had not been able to put the light out in the garden for some time and every time I tried, it would start raining or become just too windy for anything to be on the wing. The bloody weather is truly getting on my nerves, and with only the second attempt this year I got the light out over the weekend of the 12th/13th. Well bugger me if the temperature didnt bloody drop one night and then the wind pick up just after 2 hours the next. Numbers were low and with just 4 moths on the 1st night and only 2 the following!
Always unpredictable whether they are going to pose or play up', but most helpful when they rest up next to their namesake in the book.