Carr-Swallows over the Border! May 2012.

 News of 2 Black Terns at Bev's got me grabbing my gear and legging it from the house. When the last movement of these a week or two before had me searching to no avail, I couldn't let these go a miss from the site list.
 On arrival they were still feeding around the lake and so I set up next to the mobile hide and tried my luck for some images to record them there for Bev. 'Bloody Hell' I thought the swifts were bad enough trying to photograph!, these come a close second. Although showing close at times the size and agile flight of these elegant little terns challenged me for sure.
 But although not to draw shots I at least was happy with some images to boot. They actively fed on the flies above the water, jinking left to right and as I pulled focus.... they jinked again.

 Fantastic little birds, they found Bev's lake to their liking, resting up on the tern raft to preen then back to the air and feed again.

 And so the site list continues to mount, Bev had mentioned Bullfinch had been seen too along with a not welcome Mink!, I shall have to keep an eye out for that, and hopefully it will not set up home and decimate the wildlife there.
And if your wondering about the title, Carr-swallow is an old Cambridgeshire name for Black tern.