Cream-Coloured Courser. Herefordshire. May 2012.

 It had been some time since I last twitched a Mega with my Dad, and so an early start was in order for this beauty. After a 3am start we arrived in glorious light and set about heading to the trig point on England's highest golf course. And what a view, absolutely stunning in every direction.
 And then onto the bird, and a lovely stunner stole my eyes this morning, it would prove to be a delight and pose favourably. From the start it was evident that the local Meadow pipits did not like this beauty sharing their patch and they viciously defended it. They aggravated and pecked at it, continuously, forever moving it on.

 It flew out of sight at one stage and once I had relocated it, it obligingly ventured closer and closer, and came so close to Kev Joynes and myself that I even stopped taking images just to admire this gorgeous bird, mad I know.

 What a morning, a great trip out for my dad and I and meeting an old namesake Kev Joynes, stunning bird, stunning scenery....what more can I say...stunning.